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Ordering Prints

Prints are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats.  Prices vary widely depending on size and mounting options.  Each print is custom-made to your specifications.  For further information about specific print types, sizes, and pricing, please contact us:

Paper:  Paper prints can be produced in virtually any size and on a variety of paper types.  Prints larger than 13"x19" are sent to a production facility.

Canvas:  These prints are prepared on stretcher frames and can be constructed with either sawtooth or wire hangars.  The frames are typically 1.5" in depth.  Sizes are available up to 40"x60".

If you've purchased prints and have received an email receipt, you can pay via PayPal here or by check through regular mail.  We also accept credit card payments via direct invoice.

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Metal, Bamboo, Foam:  Prints can also be mounted on these substrates.  

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